If you want to improve at anything, you must decide to do it right now.
Well art is a way to express something you cannot with words.
To draw well , practice is necessary.
So there are lots of things you can do to improve your drawing skills.

STEP #1 draw simple objects: in that simply draw any object – a shoe, a mug, a cap, a chair, a book and then with a little complex objects like – tree, dog, cat, building etc.


STEP #2 draw different shapes: so shapes are very easy to draw. In that you can draw a circle, square, triangle etc.


STEP #3 draw cartoon Halloween faces: in that you can draw different expression of faces. It’s really helpful.



STEP #4 draw circle abstracts:


STEP #5 colour wheel: it is also called colour circle. The colors are organized around the circle in way to show the relationship between them, so yeah it will help you to know about the shades of colour.


STEP #6 practice daily: doing something over and over again is the only method to learn to do it well. You can’t expect to become a best artist , but practice makes perfect.



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LOVE, anupriya Yadav 😺



  1. How timely to read your post. I have never thought of myself as having any ability to draw. This week my daughter and I went to a painting studio where an artist walked us through recreating a painting that was featured. Although mine is not something I would put on a wall the process was intriguing. I could definitely see how one would get better over time and practice.

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  2. Great post! I never thought that I had a talent to draw but sometimes I realize I just have to try it out and do it because you’ll never know!!
    Appreciate the drop by btw! Keep up the amazing work πŸ™‚


  3. I totally agree with you about practice regarding art. I “thought” my photography was good a year ago, and now in looking back, not nearly what it is today. So, with that thought, I no longer “think” my images great, yes I know they are my best right now, but as I am always striving to improve, tomorrows images will even be better. Now that brings a huge smile to my face. I am always learning!! Great post! ❀


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